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Welcome to the Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research (i2r). This site is a collection of papers, software, and other resources that outline my (Wojciech Gryc) work in combining the mathematical and computer sciences with the social sciences. While the site is about my research, it was designed as a non-personal site -- anyone interested in promoting their own interdisciplinary work, posting their own papers or software, or collaborating should send me an e-mail: wojciech@gmail.com.

For those interested, I have revived the i2r blog.

While the materials on this site have not been updated in the last few months, it is not due to lack of interest, but due to a few research projects. I am currently investigating the following:

  • Social Network Analysis
  • Neural Networks for Stock Market Index Prediction
  • Open Source Software for Media in Developing Nations

Access to the current working papers and experiments is available on the i2r wiki, though access to this is restricted. Feel free to contact me if you want more information.